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who is BlueStar?

"Blue" doesn't really enjoy bio's, but "Blue" said she had to write one so here "Blue" goes...    I've changed my mind, I am not going to write a short bio of 75 words that tell people about where I come from because I clearly come from my mother's womb, of which I am reminded of everyday.


That womb resided in Marietta, GA. where due to her turned-in hip disability, she started taking ballet lessons. Fast forward many a plie, hard work, scholarships, International Ballet Competitions and atleast 1 million fuetes and she found herself a Principal Dancer within a Russian Ballet Company in the A.T.L International Ballet Rotaru. Many a Don Quixote, Swan Lake, Four Seasons and of course Nutcrackers (her Principal Debut at the age of 19) later, she had the opportunity to perform

1st Soloist with the Stars of the Bolshoi Tour and then said, "I'm good with that,

I retire!"


She moved to N.Y. and decided she would go to school, so she moved to Orlando

(a clear decision because it was sunny and cheap). She has put her Audio Engineering Degree to work creating Orlando's cult favorite "VarieTEASE". You know it, you love it because you are sitting here right now reading about it and about to see a show.


After many a Lesbo-a-GoG0, Peek-a-Boo, Dirty Bingo blah la la la, Blue is the proud owner and creator of THE VENUE. She is uber happy to be a part of Orlando's fast growing ARTS Community and looks forward to a year of BIGGER and BETTER!

And of course one more thing... ONE LOVE! (if you don't know what that means then you should read this The Barber Fund!)   #BLESSED

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